💎 Killing Weeds… With Light? (Issue #27)

PLUS: Like local trivia? Tell us all about it!

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The Total Solar Eclipse is a month away and much of the Miami Valley is in the path of totality. We highly recommend checking out this event guide from Dayton.com for planning how to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

On another note, I recently had a conversation with a local brewery that hosts trivia, and it got me wondering how often folks go to these. Now, you know I love my surveys and polls, so I’m asking you!

Can you take this one-click poll after the intro and let me know how often you go to local trivia? Your input would be much appreciated, as I have some ideas about sharing these. Thanks!

Alright, here’s what we’ll be covering today:

  • Upcoming events including some big ones with a further heads-up

  • This weekend’s live shows (lots of theatre this weekend)

  • A Xenia-based company innovating on killing weeds… with light

  • Victor’s Taco Shop opening in Washington Township tomorrow

Let’s get to it!

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How often do you go to weekday trivia at local bars/restaurants?

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🥃 Ambassadors Series: Whiskey Pete

📅 Thursday: 6 - 8 pm
📍 The Century Bar, Downtown Dayton
💰 $50

Explore the world of whiskey with Whiskey Pete. Pete will guide you through the rich flavors of Brown-Forman's whiskeys. What's Brown-Forman? They're the company behind Jack Daniels, Woodford Reserve, and many popular spirits.

With your ticket, you'll be welcomed with an Old Forrester cocktail and exclusive pours from private barrels of bourbon. It is a perfect gathering for bourbon fans looking to learn more about their favorite brands. Get your tickets here.


🍁 Maple Sugaring

📅 Saturday & Sunday: 10 am - 4 pm
📍 Carriage Hill MetroPark, Huber Heights
💰 Free

Step into the natural world of sweetness with a day of maple sugaring on the farm. Discover the age-old tradition of turning sap into syrup.

You'll learn everything from identifying maple trees to tapping them for sap. Then you'll see that sap boiled and transformed into syrup.  Learn more here.


🎪 BockFest

📅 Saturday: 12 - 10 pm
📍 Bock Family Brewing, Washington Twp.
💰 Free

This year's BockFest is centered around a blind-tasting of Doppelbocks made by five of Dayton's finest breweries. What's Doppelbock you ask? It's a dark German beer that is strong and malty.

You can order a flight and cast your vote for your favorite, then see the winner announced at 6 pm. As the evening winds on, continue the celebration and enjoy live music from Steven Strings from 7 - 9 pm. Learn more here.


🐦 Outdoor Birding

📅 Sunday: 2:30 - 3 pm
📍 Boonshoft Museum, Dayton
💰 Free (Registration Required)

Embark on a birdwatching adventure through Werthner Woods. This guided hike teaches bird spotting, identification, and their unique adaptations and language. Kids will receive a field journal for tracking their observations.

This event is outdoors and on unpaved trails, so dress appropriately. While this event is open for explorers of all ages, they ask participants not to bring strollers.

Can't make it this weekend? Worry not! Registration is open for multiple weekends this spring, but they're filling up quickly. So secure your registration today if you're interested!


🌱 Hometown EXPO - That Spring Thing

📅 Sat, Mar 16th: 10 am - 3 pm
📍 Springboro High School, Springboro
💰 Free

This event, hosted by the Springboro Chamber of Commerce, offers a chance to win big prizes while discovering local vendors. Over 200 local businesses are gathering in the spirit of buying local and community growth.

This is the single largest business event in Warren County, turning out around 9,000 attendees. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking to mingle and connect or find a local provider invested in this community. Learn more here.


🎸 Red Hot Chilli Pipers

📅 Thurs, Mar 21st: 7:30 pm
📍 Victoria Theatre, Downtown Dayton
💰 $30+

Hear and see traditional Scottish bagpipes meet rock 'n' roll flair. This electrifying 9-piece band merges classic bagpipe sounds with iconic rock anthems, creating an unforgettable musical experience.

Their dynamic performances have captivated audiences globally, from New York to Beijing. Get your tickets here for a truly unique rock fusion you won't want to miss.


🎊 Garden Party

📅 Thurs, Apr 4th: 5:30 - 8:30 pm
📍 Schuster Center, Downtown Dayton
💰 General Admin: $55 | VIP: $85

Celebrate spring's arrival with a garden party where beer and a boozy brunch await. Indulge in teatime treats, enjoy refined music, and bask in the season's freshness.

Attendees will get a souvenir glass to take home, as well as select beers and wines available to buy for your home bar. This event is for adults 21 and older, though there are designated driver tickets available for $15 to help folks celebrate responsibly.

These types of events at Schuster often sell out, so spring into action and secure yours here if you're interested.


🎤 Pete Davidson

📅 Sat, Jul 13th: 7 pm
📍 Schuster Center, Downtown Dayton
💰 $60+

SNL favorite and all-around goofball, Pete Davidson, is coming to Dayton in July. He's fresh off his show "Bupkis" and Netflix special "Turbo Fonzarelli" and hitting the road with his new "Prehab" tour.

Tickets just went on sale today, and we wouldn't be surprised if they go quickly. Get yours here.


Events marked with an asterisk (*) in the “featured” section have been sponsored by our advertising or affiliate partners. Have an event you’d like to promote? Reply and let us know!



Paddywhackers | Bock Family Brewing | 7pm | Free

Brahms: A German Requiem | Schuster Center | 7:30pm | $5+

Nothing But Treble | Jayne's On Main | 7:30pm | Free

GSMO Band | Phone Booth Lounge | 8pm | Free

Full Band | Knollwood Tavern | 8:30pm | Free

Big D's Karaoke | Courtyard Lounge | 9pm | Free

Sam Roark | Good Time Charlie's | 9pm | Free



Stephen Strings | Bock Family Brewing | 7pm | Free

Dustin Smith & The Daydreamers | Courtyard Lounge | 7pm | Free

Brahms: A German Requiem | Schuster Center | 7:30pm | $5+

Zane Gerlach | Jayne's On Main | 7:30pm | Free

Latter | Phone Booth Lounge | 8pm | Free

Reign of Athena, Form of Aggression, Dark Soul | Hidden Gem Music Club | 8pm | $5

The Wright Brothers Band | Mr. Boro's Tavern | 8pm | Free

Barely Able | Good Time Charlie's | 9pm | Free

Leaving Off, Minor 'Love, Ace Slite, I Used To Be Brave | Yellow Cab Tavern | 9pm | Advance: $9, Doors: $12



Peter Pan | Town Hall Theatre | 7pm | $16

Disney's Beauty and the Beast | Alter High School | 7pm | $17

Guys and Dolls | La Comedia Dinner Theatre | 7:30pm | $70+

Barefoot In The Park | Actor's Theatre Fairborn | 7:30pm | $18

Shipwrecked! | The Loft Theatre | 8pm | $20+



Peter Pan | Town Hall Theatre | 11am | $16

Shipwrecked! | The Loft Theatre | 2pm | $20+

Peter Pan | Town Hall Theatre | 3pm | $16

Disney's Beauty and the Beast | Alter High School | 7pm | $17

Guys and Dolls | La Comedia Dinner Theatre | 7:30pm | $70+

Barefoot In The Park | Actor's Theatre Fairborn | 7:30pm | $18

Shipwrecked! | The Loft Theatre | 8pm | $20+



Shipwrecked! | The Loft Theatre | 2pm | $20+

Disney's Beauty and the Beast | Alter High School | 2pm | $17

Peter Pan | Town Hall Theatre | 3pm | $16

Barefoot In The Park | Actor's Theatre Fairborn | 3pm | $18

Guys and Dolls | La Comedia Dinner Theatre | 7:30pm | $70+



Gabriel Rutledge | Dayton Funny Bone | 7:30pm | $30

Blake Hammond | Wileys Comedy Club | 8pm | $15



Gabriel Rutledge | Dayton Funny Bone | 7pm | $30

Blake Hammond | Wileys Comedy Club | 7:15pm | $15


🔆 Local Innovation: Killing Weeds With Light

A local company in Xenia has a bright idea that could change how we deal with weeds going forward.

Ironically, while plants need light to live, they'll die if that light hits their roots. When Global Neighbor's product manager, Patrick Jackson, learned this in high school, it sparked an idea:

What if we could turn light into a weed killer? Years later, they've done it!

Their invention utilizes "directed energy" light. This emulates sunlight but with a wavelength that can penetrate the soil. When a plant's roots are hit with this energy, the plant dies in 10-14 days.

What's the big deal? They've created a chemical-free method to kill weeds. While herbicides are effective, they have unintended consequences. They show up far from where they're used and damage our entire ecosystem — not just the weeds they're meant to kill.

Now, Global Neighbor is adapting their invention for the solar industry as part of a Department of Energy competition. They're creating a robot that can detect and kill weeds growing around solar panels using their directed energy tech.

This would make maintaining solar fields much easier and safer. And they're showing promise as they've been one of 20 teams to move to the second round, earning $50k in the process.

This is just the beginning. They plan to make this tech available to everyone — from farmers to homeowners. They're working with other U.S. Departments (Agriculture and Defense) on more applications and have partnered with Viatek to make a handheld tool for home use.

This is the innovation we love to see in the Miami Valley. While it may seem boring to some, it could revolutionize how we manage our crops, fields, and lawns. [WYSO]


🌮 Opening Friday: Victor’s Taco Shop in Wash. Twp.

Victor's Taco Shop is opening its newest location tomorrow (Friday, March 8th) on the border of Kettering and Washington Township. They're moving into where Taco Bell was on Route 48, near Whipp Road.

Since Taco Bell left years ago, that prime spot has surprisingly sat empty. But not without Jonathan Gaytan, Victor's co-owner, eyeing it for their next expansion. After three years of waiting, they finally secured it when the previous party's contract fell through.

This new spot offers a drive-thru, seating for 55 diners, and the Mexican fast food that folks in the area have come to love. They're known for tasty dishes like Carne Asada Fries, Breakfast Burritos, and Birria Tacos, aiming to serve fast food that's as good as what you'd find in a sit-down joint.

Victor's Taco Shop started in Delaware — the one outside Columbus, not the state — in 2015. Since then, they've expanded throughout Ohio, with multiple locations in the Miami Valley (Dayton, Huber Heights, and Xenia).

This new location is at 5837 Far Hills Ave. in Washington Township and will be open from 8 am to 10 pm every day starting Friday.

Will you be giving them a try, or are you already a fan? Reply and let us know! [Dayton Daily News]


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